Majamas Earth Review

Majamas  Earth (ME) is a tiny eco-friendly company with big dreams to be clean and zero-waste in a dirty industry.

They make clothes for the whole family including maternity and baby-wear. Their prints are one-of-a-kind.

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About Majamas Earth

ME was founded by Germaine Caprio who was raised by a mom who was very eco-conscious. When she started her company, she was conflicted as fashion was (and is) one of the most polluting industries in the world. But she persisted anyway with a dream to be clean in a dirty industry. Thank God for that because ME has one of the most beautiful, eco-friendly clothes I’ve seen.

What is Majamas Earth’s mission?

To make beautiful eco-friendly clothing that doesn’t destroy the planet. They focus on being eco-friendly and sustainable, going by the hashtag #carewhatyouwear

What do Majamas Earth sell?

ME makes casual clothes for men, women, babies and even pets! But they are famous for the beautiful underwear and bras.

Is it safe for our health?

Their organic cotton underwear and clothing are GOTS certified to contain no harmful chemicals. However, the rest of their clothing do not have OEKO-TEX certification for safety. They also make no mention of the dyes they use.

Having said that, their clothes are made in the U.S.A. with strict environmental and safety laws.

My favorite sustainable Majamas Earth buys

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I can’t get over the amazing prints available for the Majamas Padded Sporty Bra! It’s wireless with a thick under-bust band for comfort. The pull-on style and removable pads make it a great option for post-mastectomy or as a nursing bra.

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The Majamas Organic Comfort Thong is a comfy GOTS-certified organic cotton/spandex blend and comes in 5 colors.

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This GOTS-certified organic cotton/lycra nursing tank top has a built-in shelf bra and empire-waist underbust elastic for support.

What is Majamas Earth doing to be sustainable?

Environmental impact

Most of ME’s fabric are good eco-friendly options:

  • organic cotton that is GOTS certified and made in Fair Trade Mills in L.A. California where the environmental standards are really high.
  • recycled polyester made from broken down plastic water bottles
  • reclaimed fabric (dead stock) from other companies that was going to end up in landfills anyway
  • modal fabric from the Lenzing group (one of the only sustainable modal brands around)

Some of their clothes are still made from nylon, spandex and lycra.

Labor conditions

ME sews in family-run ethical shops based in New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois. While they have into detail about this, it’s generally assumed that American factories treat their workers much better than most factories in developing countries.

Social responsibility

I’ve looked through their blog and website but couldn’t find any info on whether they supported any charities. If you know of any, let me know.

Animal welfare

ME doesn’t use wool or other animal products.


They don’t go into much detail but they are quite clear about where they source their raw material, the factories they work with and their certifications.

What certifications do Majamas Earth have?

All their organic cotton is GOTS-certified.

They are also an Illinois Green Certified Company, meaning their office is operated according to high environmental standards.

Anything else you should know about Majamas Earth?

I’ll let the founder tell you herself.

To wrap up

Majamas Earth is a fun and quirky fashion brand that makes beautiful eco-friendly clothes. You must check out their underwear and bras.

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