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Majamas Earth Review

Majamas  Earth (ME) is a tiny eco-friendly company with big dreams to be clean and zero-waste in a dirty industry. They make clothes for the whole family including maternity and baby-wear. Their prints are one-of-a-kind. Check them out on Amazon. About Majamas Earth ME was founded by Germaine Caprio who was raised by a mom […]

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Is Tentree ethical?

Tentree is one of the most ethical and sustainable fashion brands I’ve come across so far. They are tree-planters who are selling apparel to fund their environmental efforts. That’s pretty cool. Tentree, as the name suggests, plants 10 trees for every piece of clothing sold. I think that’s awesome. They don’t have an Amazon Store

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Is prAna ethical?

Yes, prAna is making good progress towards being sustainable and ethical. They use lots of sustainable fabrics made in regulated factories overseas. Their clothes are known for being durable and comfortable. They ship worldwide (for a fee) and is also on Amazon. Just be aware of what you choose as many of their clothes are

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