Best non-toxic nursing bras by eco-friendly maternity brands

Most moms are unaware that conventional nursing and maternity wear are chemical-laden.

While there’s limited studies proving how much chemicals from clothes gets absorbed through our skins, it’s not surprising that a small amount would.

I’m glad you realize how very important it is to limit a baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Their immune system is still immature and their brains are just developing. Prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals can potentially affect them down the track.

Look for OEKO-TEX certified or GOTS-certified organic nursing bras to protect yourself and limit your baby’s direct contact with toxins.

These are my favorite non-toxic nursing bras by eco-friendly maternity brands.

Best OEKO-TEX certified non-toxic nursing bras

Cake Maternity

Cake Maternity Croissant Nursing Bra

Cake Maternity is an award-winning Australian maternity brand who make sure that they not only take care of nursing moms, but of the environment as well. All their nursing bras and tops are OEKO-TEX certified. Check out the Cake Maternity Amazon store.

BRAVADO! Designs

 BRAVADO! Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

BRAVADO! Designs make their bras to last. They know your nursing bra will be the most worn item throughout your breastfeeding journey so they put their nursing bras through more than 50 performance tests to ensure it lasts. Their whole maternity range is OEKO-TEX certified. Check out the BRAVADO! Designs Amazon store.

Boob Design

Boob 24/7 Nursing Bra

Boob Design’s entire maternity collection is made from sustainable fabric that can be traced from fiber to final product. They have a range of luxurious nursing bras made of organic cotton, lyocell and even organic merino wool! Check out the Boob Amazon store.

Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe Organic Cotton Nursing Bra

Blue Canoe is a vegan fashion brand that makes eco-friendly nursing bras. They only use GOTs-certified organic cotton, organic bamboo and Tencel in their clothes. They are also one of the few brands who can proudly proclaim that from fabric to finish, all their nursing bras are made in the USA. Check out more of their nursing bra options. Read my detailed Blue Canoe review.

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Majamas Earth

Majamas Organic Padded Daily Bra

Most of Majamas Earth’s fabric is sourced from L.A, California where environmental standards are the highest in the world. All their organic cotton is GOTs-certified. I love their vibe and positive energy. Check out the Majamas Amazon store. It’s pretty cool.

Read my detailed review of Majamas Earth.

Benefits of non-toxic nursing bras and tops

  • gentler on your skin, especially if you are eczema-prone or have sensitive skin
  • reduces the risk of further weakening your immune system
  • gentler on baby’s skin, especially if they have sensitive skin
  • limit baby’s immature immune system and developing brain to toxic chemicals
  • it’s better for the environment
  • it’s safer for the workers producing your clothes

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What does Standard 100 OEKO-TEX-certified mean?

When a nursing bra or top carries the Standard 100 label OEKO-TEX label, you can be certain that every component has been tested for harmful substances by an independent OEKO-TEX partner institute. This includes every part of the item from the fabric to hooks, thread and buttons. When a piece of clothing passes OEKO-TEX testing, we know it doesn’t carry any harmful chemicals that can affect our health.

What does GOTS-certified mean?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. If an item is GOTS-certified, you can be rest assured that no toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemicals are used. To obtain the GOTS organic label, a product must contain > 95% organic fiber and not be treated with any toxic substances.

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To wrap up

It can be hard choosing the right nursing bras for you but you can’t go wrong by choosing non-toxic OEKO-TEX or GOTS-certified nursing bras, especially if they are made by eco-friendly ethical brands.

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