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Is Tencel anti-bacterial?

Microbes and bacteria are ever-present in our environment and not always welcome. They can cause illnesses and must be controlled to stop the spread of infections. The terms anti-microbial and anti-bacterial are often used interchangeably and refers to the ability of a product, ingredient, or technique to prevent bacteria from growing in it. Tencel lyocell

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Is Tencel organic?

The majority of people who are environmentally conscious are always on the lookout for sustainable fabrics. One such fabric is Tencel. Tencel is made from eucalyptus wood sourced from sustainable forests. These trees don’t need pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to grow. Instead, they rely on natural fertilizers which help make Tencel an environmentally friendly option

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Is Tencel vegan?

Veganism is a choice many people are exploring for both ethical and health reasons. Some are also concerned with sustainability as animal-derived products may not be environmentally friendly. However, it can hard to find vegan clothes that are also eco-friendly and sustainable. Tencel lyocell fits into the vegan lifestyle like a glove. Tencel lyocell is

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Does Tencel fabric pill?

If you’re asking this question, welcome to the anti-pill society. My heart aches everytime another new dress has to be relegated to ‘home wear’ because there’s too many fuzz balls for me to nip off. Unfortunately, fabric pilling is as common and as annoying as dandruff. Can the luxurious and long-lasting Tencel lyocell fabric rise

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